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Dark Technology: Post-postapocalyptic Pseudomedieval Quasifantasy.

What is this? This is sci-fi mash-up where Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed meets Roger Zelazny’s Lord of Light meets Isaac Asimov’s Foundation meets Strugatsky Brothers Hard to be a God meets Hideyuki Kikuchi’s Vampire Hunter D.

Why Post-postapocalyptic?

Because people forgotten it even was. Greatest scars of this event – the loss of the collecive memory of humanity. There isn’t any crates and ruins of ancient roads. They were destroyed naturally or hidden by so-called “gods”. Also known as Old Gods.

4178 A.C.. Whatever that catastrophe was, that year humanity lost everything it had and fell into new stone age, completely helpess without it’s digital knowledge.

Except for one small colony of scientific, military & political elites, who made a inpenetrable Vault deep under earth’s crust, kept by cryogenics for millenia to rebuild human civilization and lead it’s remnants into the future. And they did it… by pretendind to be the “Deities”.

But what year is now? We don’t know for sure. We haven’t any telescope.

Why Pseudomedieval?

Because the main setting region stronly resembling western europe medival period. Difference lies in it’s history. It isn’t parallel world, or alternate past. It’s earth future. That’s why this world isn’t fully “medieval”, but resembling it.

Why Quasifantasy?

It is world of saintly angels and horrid monsters, vile sorcerers and noble heroes. The is forests full of feairies, and seas full of mermaids. There is dragons and giants, bloodsucking vampires and corpse eating living dead, demons, driads, immortal elves, greedy goblins and countless wonderful artifacts. Case is, everyone believes in existence of such things, and only few folks seen any of the reamaining devices and creatures of the old times. But humans belief – source of influence for the Church… and the Warlocks. If people buying it, show must go on.

And finally:

Dark Technology?

Warlocks. Sorcerers. Servants of the Devil. Dark Techie.
Thousand years ago “gods” left Earth by unknown mrthods for mysterious reasons, probably ascending to some higher form of consciousness, and their priesthood fell in panic. Five hundred years later only one remaining god was awakened by most inquisitive and daring priests – Original Twelve. Godlike Infant raised as pharaoh. The One God to rule entire world. Only one capable to use any god’s tech. To thank his wards the Messiah teached them the Ancient Knowledge. To discover they wanted to betray him. And Six actually did it.

Pariahs, progressors, accelarationists, who wanted to give technlogy everyone, and Apostles, manipulators, cynical pessimists, who wanted control every step of humanity as Deities did before. Who? At the moment we may only guess. But every lie should must be uncovered and punished accordingly.

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